Thursday, June 14, 2007

Things That Move.

This mysterious clock moves away from the power line.

The light switch on the left disappears.

This light switch appears later in the movie.

The Gold Room sign moves from right to left and back again thought the Movie.

The mirror in the back disappears later in the movie.

It looks as if there's a disappearing eagle behind Mr. Ullmann’s head. It is actually moved out of the shot to the left of center.

Disappearing rugs can be seen throughout the movie.

The carpet design reverses between shots as Danny plays and the ashtray on the left appears later in the scene.

The stand that the Gold Room Sign is on changes throughout the movie.

"Great party isn't it" as the artwork behind him disappears.

Mr. Ullmann's nameplate moves throughout the movie.

The disappearing shower head.

Not only is the door a different color, as I noted before, but "Redrum" is printed 2 different times (look at the number of strokes in the lipstick on the door – 10 the 1st time as we see in both of his visions, and 14 strokes when we actually watch Danny write it, for a total of 24 strokes). The "Redrum" door is something else that Stanley Kubrick doubled in the movie as there are obviously 2 different door here.

Disappearing painting on the right.

The Hedge Maze map moves throughout the movie.

Watch the yellow NAPA sign in the rear right as it rotates 180 degrees during the scene without ever being touched.

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Anonymous said...

The last set of pictures where you talk about the NAPA sign. I can't really see it in the 2nd screenshot, but I did notice something else. The 1st picture has a box to the right of the guys arm with the red facing the character. Next shot shows the red facing away from the character.

Anonymous said...

This is a piece of shit. Stop trying to prove you're so smart because you think you know what Stanley Kubrick's meaning in the movie The Shining is really all about. You don't really clear ANYTHING UP. Most of your blog has more questions than answers. Stop being such an arrogant prick and get your head out of your ass. Crazy.

Steve said...

I notice that this television has wires whereas most of the ones in the Shining do not. Is there some significance to this?

faishafu said...

I'm sorry, but I must agree with the second anonymous. I simply don't buy it. Especially the part about the VW. I mean you no disrespect, but I just don't believe any of this.

sarah88 said...

Your blog is very interesting.
You are obviously not an arrogant prick but just a fan of The Shining who needs and tries to find some answers.
Keep going!

jason said...

Perhaps the most obvious one in the entire movie isn't listed here: in the scene where Jack is harshly telling Wendy not to disturb him, a chair and table behind Jack disappear and reappear between shot/reverse-shots.

jason said...

Perhaps the most obvious one in the entire movie isn't listed here: in the scene where Jack is telling Wendy not to disturb him, a chair and table behind Jack disappear and reappear. In the first Jack/Lloyd scene, the barstools shift.

Brian said...

Anonymous (May 26th) should get his own head out of his ass so he can see that there is a lot being shown here (especially the movement of objects throughout the film) that cannot be denied.

I have to say that it actually takes a LOT of smarts to decode this movie, while any arrogant prick can dismiss it without facing the facts being presented.

Anonymous said...

I`ll have to go with Sarah 88, in this one.
You got to be the No 1 a fan of The Shining who needs and tries to find some answers.
Howevwer, I have to note that your comments actually creates more question, rather than giving any answers.
I would love to read a general comment of what you think the movie is all about!

Lykos, greece

Anonymous said...

This is a piece of shit. Stop trying to prove you're so smart because you think you know what Stanley Kubrick's meaning in the movie The Shining is really all about. You don't really clear ANYTHING UP. Most of your blog has more questions than answers. Stop being such an arrogant prick and get your head out of your ass. Crazy.

Stop trying to prove that NOT THINKING about anything is always the superior way out. Lazy piece of shit, you are. Welcome to 2012. We can all be arrogant pricks, but God forbid we have to actually do the homework, for once!


All play and no work makes for some pretty stupid people, online. Go play a video game, instead.

Anonymous said...

Durkin's arm is covering up the NAPA sign, so I can't tell if it moved or not (but I believe you).

Someone noted that the red box rotates. The chic from idyllopuspress refers those as "magic boxes" and thinks they have significance. Looks like swag post-it notes to me. Curious though.

Also noticed the phonebook behind the boxes with the cut off corner has rotated slightly.

And to the person earlier who noticed the TV is one of a few that has wires (when Wendy watches the snow forecast in the kitchen on the small white one you can see a chord under the table behind the chair).

Also, in the above pics, the single wire turns into 2 wires and have been moved to the right to cover the timecards.

Man that a lot of shit moving around for such a short scene. Anyone who thinks Kubrick didn't have some angle for adding multiple errors to every scene (I have not found a scene yet that didn't have them) is just plain being silly.

Anonymous said...

I was skeptical about all this continuity talk for years, then it suddenly ocurred to me what the significance is. That movie scared the shit of me as a kid at the theater, and I was afraid to watch it again for about six years. My dad still won't watch scary movies to this day. I heard it gave DeNiro nightmares for 6 weeks.

After thinking about it, I could not figure out why it was so unsettling. There are no traditional ghosts. The girls are kind of homely, but I'm not afraid of a couple little girls. Grady and Lloyd seem alright, cordial and friendly, and not overtly menacing. The bloody elevator I thought was cheesey. Other than that, the old woman in the bathroom was the only thing I knew I was scared of. Didn't make any sense though, the scary feeling that ruined my sleep wasn't omages of the old woman (I actually forgot about that scene by the time I got home from the theater), it was just any thought of the hotel.

What I think is happing is that subliminally the movie primes you up so that you are completely uncomfortable, but it is so subtle that you can't defend yourself from it. I'll give you a good example. Imagine if in your own real life you are sitting down to dinner, you look away for 10 seconds, then suddenly you salt and pepper shakers are now on top of the fridge? Or what if they just disappeared. You would be freaking out the rest of the day, questioning your sanity, and would probably carry that sense of shock with you for years. It would make you uneasy even if you didnt immediately blame it on the "supernatural". The movie is just seething with this "mind playing tricks on you" element, but its so subtle that you can never pin down where its coming from. You certainly do know that you wouldn't want to spend even 10 second alone in that place.

Another example that affected me a little more directly. After looking at what seems to be the most accurate floor plans on paper many years later, I noticed that the Overlook has a fairly simple layout. Danny rides are Jack typing room, which goes by the kitchen, and right above there is just one complete loop. Danny is just going in a cricle each time he rides. The lobby and lounge are in a wing off of that room. But, even after watching the movie several times, if you asked me after the movie to draw a map I would be completely baffled. I always got the sense of being in a maze. When I would think back to Danny's tricycle path, it always seemed to twist and turn like he was going in a maze. I think it was all the weird doors being out of place, false windows, interior rooms having windows, the fact that they never show you the continuous path to get to their apartment (everytime they go there or leave from it, the scene just cuts to them popping up somewhere else). Very subtle little things like really add up and can have a big effect. Remember, all that was staged completely (full set at the same time) in a studio. I think its pretty impressive SK could pull off that sort of effect in what is actually a modest space.

Anonymous said...

I liked "Things That Moved," so thanks for taking the time to create this blog. I agree with the anonymous person who posted most recently before me.

Anonymous said...

all of these are one of two things:
1. continuity errors, or
2. you not understanding basic light, color theory and perspective.
there is no deeper meaning to any of this ypu're just being dumb.

Anonymous said...

None of these pictures show up

Anonymous said...

144 Min + 72 Min =216 Minutes. 216 Minutes 6*6*6=216 six cubed
2160 miles=Diameter of the Moon
216*60*24Fps=311040 Frames
311040 Years known as a platonic Great Year all 12 precesions of the Zodiac.
12*25920=311040 864*360=311040
12 Signs of the Zodiac hiden in the movie.
2 astronauts walked on the moon
in 3 Man teams
7 Seven times Apollo 11-17
12 Men landed 2+3+7
21 Astronauts total
Apollo 13 did not land
21 astronauts total also had 3 man back up teams for 42 total astronauts. 2*3*7=42
21 pictures 3 in shadow (Apollo 13) Jacks picture number 11 the first Apollo mission. 3 rows seven columbs. 2 candles 2 men walked on the moon at one time.
6 out of 7 sucess ratio. 3 pictures are shadowed.
237,000 miles to the moon.

Anonymous said...

There is a hidden movie contained in the subtle hue anomalies contained within the film.
Mirroring Horizontal and vertical
Bizare color changes repainting of hallways
Front Screen Projection uses a one way mirror.
311040 frames
120 degree Complimentary colors seen changing.
Feb 28th 1979 a Leap year
One small step one Giant Leap
24 Frames Per secone
21 Astronats
12 walked on the moon
42 all missions had a 3 man backup 42 astronauts total.
Oct 31 Michael Collins Birthday.
Michael Collins is a whisky but not a Burbon.
Rudyard Kippling W,M Burbon.LLoyd.
Jack Daniels
The "Collins" fire axe. Matches
The Apollo 1 fire. Former Gemini program astronauts.
Gemini is a sign of the Zodiac.
12 signs of the zodiac*25920=311040 frames

Deyton Bogrett said...

In the scene where the son approaches Jack while he's on the bed to try and figure out if Jack is going insane. On the one scene when the son approaches him through the door you can see Jack's reflection in the mirror that there is a picture of a mountain set between to distinct land forms next to a lake. But as the scene changes and goes to Jack on the bed. The picture has been removed leaving only a blank wall. Just something I saw as I watched the documentary "Room 237" on Netflix. Liked the show and never caught all the hidden images or messages.

Anonymous said...

The images are not there anymore. You think you can handle that jonny ?

Emiliano Anselmini said...

I'd Love if the anonymous just up there with all the numbers could expand a little. Its written like in a hurry and it's quite difficult to understand why some of the things he posted whould make sense.

For expample:

311040 Years known as a platonic Great Year all 12 precesions of the Zodiac.
12*25920=311040 864*360=311040

What does 25920, or 864 or 360 mean in the movie?
I've seen the 12,21 and 24,42 and seem very concrete, but those just are not making sense to me at all right now.
As well as a lot of the stuff you wrote there.

Anonymous said...

144 Minutes "Shining"
72 Minutes "Making Of"
144+72=216 Minutes Total on DVD
216=Mans Number
6*6*6=216, Six Cubed.
216*1440 Frames Per minute=311040
311040 is also Known as a Platonic
Great Year. 144 zodiac precessions.
237 what does it mean?
2 Astronauts Landed on the moon per mission.
3 Men Teams
7 Missions Total Apollo 11-17
The Apollo 1 fire happened during the "Plugs Out " test. The missing plugs on TV's etc.
237,000 miles to the Moon.
3 Astronauts times 7 missions=21
Every team had a 3 man backup.
21*2=42 Total astronauts in 7 missions. 2*3*7=42
Google "Platonic Great Year"
There is a way to recombine this movie so it plays a new movie.

Anonymous said...

2160 is the number of years for one Zodiac precession say Gemini. 2160 * 12=25920 years (12 Zodiac Signs)
25920 Number of years for all 12 zodic signs a Platonic Year.
25920*12=311040 a Platonic Great Year.144 Zodiac processions 12 rotations.

2160 Diameter of the moon in miles.
6*6*6=216 minutes on the DVD
Stanley's House number in NYC 2160
The point is the math of the universe is mirrored in the length of the movie exactly. I find that significant. We also see Hypercube models (Hinton Cube Durkin's garage and a Hypercube model on Ullmans desk.
Both Hypercube models are rotating between scenes just like the universe.
The Universe and the math shown here describes the precession's of the Hypercube we live in.
Is this all just coincidence?
If you study Kubrick there is no such thing as coincidence. This man planned every detail like a chess move. The only question is can you play with the master and figure out a way out of the Labrinth. Like Theseus and the Minotaur myth. Check out Carl Jung, Scatman Corothers, Robert Heinlien, Shelly Duvall,Doc Severenson, Aldous Huxley and JD Salingers birthdays and death days. You may be surprised what you find.

Anonymous said...

It is my guess that by using the precession math that a new repeating mathematical order for the frames can be created. When 2 correct frames are combined in the correct color offset a new hidden frame will be created.
This is why he shows us masks in all his movies. The 2 frames are a color mask. Why has no one decoded this yet? I think Pixar has but they are not talking. It is a very complex puzzle. With hundreds of obtuse clues. It had to be becuse if it got decoded during Stans life he knew they would kill him or his family.
It appears that may have happened to Anya and Stanley. The reason for all the color changes are you need 2 closely complimentary colors for this to work. So stan changes the background colors to what he needed. IE Peach Magenta green blue yellow etc. Throughout the movie the colors are always changing.

Anonymous said...

The thread Theseus follows out of the labyrinth is contained in the Shining. Carefully listen to every interview Kubrick did and take notes as to what famous people he talks about. These are a major clue to his puzzle. Birthdays Death days and famous events like Kennedys Kiling, Robert and John and John John. Look at the Apollo liftoff landing and splashdown dates for some amazing Jungian synchs.
#42 Jackie Robinson day April 15th
What famous ship sank on April 15th? What famous event happened on July 7th? July 16th November 22nd etc.
What is Trinity?
What famous scientist was the inspiration for Dr Strangelove?
What famous event happened on
October 28th. When did the Donner party make camp?
Did the God Saturn eat his own children? If so why? What is front screen projection? Does it use mirrors?

Learn what Jungian means. Learn who the historic Alchemists have been in literature and movies.
Who is on the Cover of the Beatles album Sgt Peppers.
Crushed Red Beetle?
When is Ringo birthday?
Did Ringo date Shelly Duvall?
What book was Mark David Chapman reading after he shot John Lennon?
It's all dates silly. Jungian dates, infamous dates.
What date was the Apollo 1 fire?
What other Apollo era astronauts died and when. What is a Collins Axe? What is a Tom Collins?
Is there lemon in a Tom Collins? Is Michael Collins also a Whiskey like Jack Daniels? What is Corona park the Toyota Corona and the Plymouth roadrunner have in common? What is New Mexico's state bird? What is New Mexico's state animal? Who is smokey the bear and where was he from?
What does the sno Trac, Johnny Carson and the Delorean motor company have in common?
In the Minotaur myth when Demeter throws the Corona (Crown) to the heavens what are the stars names?
What are Adulous Huxley's "brave new world" characters named?
What famous event happened in Roswell on July 7th?
Is Corona an Axe company, a beer, a typewriter, a whisky (Crown Royal), a Greek Odyssey wedding gift (Corona Borealis Theseus) and a town in New Mexico and a constelation and a park in Corona NY? Did Smith Corona make double barrel shotguns? (LC-Smith)
What cartoon does Danny watch?
Where were the desert scenes in 2001 shot? Was the Timberline lodge a famous NASA meeting place when they needed to discuss secret agenda's?
Is the Collins family really one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines?
Lots of questions.

Anonymous said...

What were the release dates of all of stans movies!
July 16th 1999 JFK Jr Death Date
EWS Release date July 16th 1999.

November 22nd 1963 Dr Strangelove release date
November 22nd 1963 JFK Rs Death date.

Shelly Duvall Birthday July 7
Shelly Duvall wedding date July 7th

July 7th Corona New Mexico UFO crash date 1947 (Crash in Corona)

July 7 Pete Conrad Apollo 12 Dies in accident

July 7th Robert Heinlein’s Birthday (NASA Speaker SciFi Author futurist)
July 7th Herman Khan’s Death day
(Inspiration for Dr Strangelove)
July 7th Napoleon Defeated at Waterloo (Stan never made the movie)
July 7th Columbia University Established.

District of Columbia est July 16 Apollo 11 launch date July 16)

July 7th Arthur Conan Doyle Death day (Bill Watson Sherlock Holmes Watson)
July 7th Anya Kubrick Dies
July 7th Shelly Duvall’s Birthday (She dates Ringo)
July 7th Ringo Stars Birthday
July 7th All the Lincoln conspirators were hung July 7th
July 7th Paul McCartney’s Fathers Birthday
July 7th George Harrison’s Mothers Birthday

I find History.orb to be very informative when surfing for Jungian dates.

Anonymous said...

Think Firsts. When was the first atomic explosion?

Jan 27th Kubrick’s movie release date “The Killing”
Jan 27th The date of the Apollo 1 fire. Rodger Chaffe Ed White Gus Grissom die)
Jan 27th Jerome David Salinger Died Born Jan 1 (Danny Lloyd Born Jan 1 1977)(The Shining Publish date Jan 1 1977)
Jan 27th Lewis Carol Birthday

April 15 Lincoln is assassinated, , IRS tax day.
April 15 Donner Party leaves Lincoln Missouri
April 15 IRS Tax Day
April 15 Jackie Robinson day #42
April 15 Apollo 13 rounds the moon
April 15 Titanic sinks

April 22nd Jack Nicolson Birthday
April 22nd Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov Author Lolita Birthday Vladimir Died July 2nd
April 22nd 1904 Robert Oppenheimer’s Birthday Died Feb 18th Mr Trinity July 16th 1945
April 22nd Richard Nixon Dies Born Jan 9th 1913
April 22nd 1964 World’s Fair Corona Park Flushing NY opens
April 22nd Apollo 16 Duke Young ride around on the moon in the Rover April 22nd 1972 Casper Orion

July 26th Leon Vitale Birthday (Barry Linden, Eyes Wide-Shut Red Cloak)
July 26th Stanley Kubrick’s Birthday
July 26th Apollo 15 liftoff ,David Scott Galileo Falcon Feather Hammer (David Scott born on June 6 Jung Death date RFK Death date)
July 26th Aldous Huxley’s birthday (Died November 22nd JFK Dies, Dr Strangelove Release date etc)
July 26th Carl Jung’s Birthday Died June 6th Robert Kennedys assassination day June 6th)
July 26th Robert Todd Lincoln died

June 6th Carl Jung Death date Jungs Birthday July 26th Kubrick’s Birthday Apollo 15 launch July 26th, Jungs Birthday July 26th ,Aldous Huxleys Birthday he Dies November 22nd
June 6th David Scott Birthday Gemini 8 Apollo 9 Apollo 15 (Apollo 15 Launched on Stans Birthday July 26th Jungs Birthday, Anthony Burgess Death date )
June 6th Robert F Kennedy Death date RFK Birthday November 20th, Jim Garrison Bday November 20th (Here’s Johnny)(Carson City Movie) (Jim Garrison was on Johnny’s show on the assassination of JFK) (Here’s Johnny)
Singing in the rain Release date Jan 1st 1952 Danny Lloyds birthday JD Salinger’s birthday

ScaryTruth said...

OK, only because numbers are in the conversation, I'll mention something worth a ponder.
I'm only aware of these numbers because I dated a "white witch" while in college -- and she was into numerology, (and astronomy and astrology).
A very nice girl, down to earth, but we didn't really hit it off over the long run.
During the time we dated, she did some research -- and pointed out a pattern in my "significant numbers".

I've signed my name for over 50 years the same way -- 13 letters.
The first letter in my first and last names is "M". The 13th letter of the alphabet.
My birthday is 10/31/53 which adds up to 13 -- and it's Halloween.
I was born at 9:31 PM, it was a full moon and within 60 yards of a major river.
The hospital had 13 letters in the name and was located on the 1300 block.
The city and state of my birth has 13 combined letters, with the state abbreviated.
I was born in room 148 and weighed 9 lbs, 4 ozs.
The delivery doctor's name had 13 letters.
My mother's name at my birth had 13 letters, her birthdate was 1/5/34.
Soon after I was born, my grandparents purchased an insurance policy on me -- and the yearly premium was $13.
The first school I attended was named Crittenberger.
The name of the town that I largely grew up in had 13 letters.
The two major homes I lived in during my upbringing were both on streets with names comprised of 13 letters.
One street address was 364 -- the other was 1129.
The first official paycheck I ever received in 1967 was for the amount of $13.63.
The number of letters in three cities/towns that I have lived in, (including the abbreviated state name), added up to 13.
The numbers on my first state driver's license added up to 13.
The numbers on my current driver's license, (a different state), add up to 13.
The 3 or 4 numbers on several license plates that I have been issued over the years added up to 13.
On two, the 3 letters, (in alpha-numeric terms) added up to 13. One was AHD and the other was AKA.
My military draft notice was dated 3/01/72.
The first time I ever flew on an aircraft, I left the country in a military plane. The departure time was 13:13. The date was 2/29 -- in a leap year.
The birthdate of my first child was 1/01/74.
My second child was born on 2/03/80.
The only woman that I ever truly loved had a name with 13 letters.
I won a raffle once with the ticket number 1234003. The date was 2/04/07.
I once broke my watch playing baseball, and although it kept running for a day or so, it eventually stopped at exactly 7:51.
I still have it after 40 years.
My college degree is dated 3/02/80.
My official retirement date was 1/04/2015.
Dabbling in the lottery occasionally, I have won small amounts here and there, often totaling 13 dollars.

There are more, I just can't remember them right now. Give me a break, my memory isn't what it used to be.

I have no idea what this could mean, if anything. But my "friendly witch" told me that the repeat of the number 13 found woven into my life was statistically off the charts -- by orders of magnitude.

Anonymous said...

You have done alot of work here ..great ..but what is your conclusion...I would be very interested in your summation ..which this blog lacks entirely ..I dont get that you have done all this work ...for what purpose ? Give us an answer as to what you conclude ..or do you even have a conclusion ...I think not . Also I found reading through this blog was very hard on my eyes after awhile background with bright typing ...looks good but alot to read here and something softer ..just saying ...

Anonymous said...

Stanley Kubrick gives you all the clues to the Earth being flat.
This is a one sentence summary of 8 years of work.
Everyone wants the easy answer.
Now if you know nothing about the flat earth theory this will sound ridiculous if so go back to watching TV. 99.999% of those who read this will not understand it.

Here are some of the basics.
Robert Falcon Scott Discovery June 6th 2nd man to the s pole
Roald Amundsen July 16th First to the S Pole
Tycho Brahe The First man who could prove the Heliocentric model was wrong
The Monolith is found in Tycho Brahe crater Apollo 20 was to land there.
Christofer Clavius The man who made the First Heliocentric Gregorian Calendar.
Clavius base 2001 ASO
The Failing Gyro that has nothing wrong with it.
The Fish eye lenses in 2001 ASO. HAL has a Fish Eye
Woody Strode High Jumper
Jackie Robinson Long Jumper.
The Byrd is the word.
The fosilized fish in the display case in The Shining with a fish eye lens in its eyesocket.
NASA uses a Fish Eye to simulate the globe.

Unknown said...

In the general managers office , Kubrick added placks and pictures on the right wall.