Saturday, June 16, 2007

Special Numbers.

Stanley Kubrick counts things in a very straightforward manner and what I’m showing you is deliberate and can be easily verified if you look at the movie. The numbers are well hidden and if you’re not observant you’ll swear that Wendy swings the bat 41 times, but he also counts the 1 time she swings it when Jack says “How do you like it?” making a total of 42. You’ll hear Danny say Redrum 51 times but he only says it 9 times in his voice, it’s Tony’s voice the other 42 times. As Danny watches “Road Runner” with Wendy don’t forget to count “beep beep” when it’s sung in the theme song making it a total of 21 times. At first one may think Wendy is looking at line 22 in Jack’s typewriter because we can see it, but line 21 is where she actually stops the carriage as she reads the page.

I've included the numbers 1 and 2 only because much has been doubled from Stephen King's novel for no apparent reason.

  • Room 237 adds up to 12.
  • The song at the end of the movie is "Midnight, The Stars and You" by The Ray Noble Band.
  • The two times shown on the screen, 8 AM and 4 PM added together equal 12.
  • We see the exterior of Jack’s Volkswagen 12 times.
  • We see Jack hit the bathroom door with his ax 12 times.
  • Danny says, “Dad” in the bedroom scene and the piano stabs 12 F notes in quick succession and the melody later plays 24 notes in 4, 4 measure sequences. The same music is heard when he walks up to room 237.
  • Jack’s throws the ball against The Colorado Lounge wall 12 times first and 2 times later.
  • Dick Hallorann takes 12 steps each time he calls the forest ranger and he takes 120 steps before being axed by Jack (60 that we can see and another 60 reflected in the 2 mirrors behind him on the walls.
  • 12 days pass from when we see Jack’s reflection in the bedroom mirror to the end of the movie.
  • Danny and Wendy round 12 corners as they walk through the hedge maze.
  • Dick Hallorann tells them in the store room about 12 turkeys, 24 pork roasts, 30 12lb bags of sugar,12 jugs of black molasses, etc..
  • The names of 12 actual places are mentioned - 5 states and 7 cities.
  • There are 12 rugs in the Colorado Lounge as Jack types.
  • Wendy and Jack’s bedroom doors have 12 windows on each side.
  • When Dick Hallorann arrives we first see the lights on the Sno-cat flash 12 times than 4.
  • Jack calls, “Danny” 12 times at the end of the movie.
  • “KDK 12 calling KDK 1” and The Overlook is KDK 12.
  • As he speaks to Tony in his bathroom mirror we see Danny move his finger 12 times. 6 in front of the mirror and 6 in its reflection.


  • At the interview, Jack says his trip took 3 and one half hours – 210 minutes.
  • Wendy stops at line 21 as she looks at the page in Jack’s typewriter and pulls up the sheet of paper 2 times.
  • Just Before Wendy calls the forest rangers, Jack types 21 letters on his typewriter.
  • There are 21 pictures on the wall in the final shots.
  • Danny passes 21 pictures on his first trip around the corner in The Colorado Lounge.
  • Danny watches “Road Runner” with Wendy and “beep-beep” is heard 21 times (earlier as he speaks with Wendy it can be heard 4 times).
  • Danny runs from Jack in the hallway and takes 21 steps, and Dick Hallorann takes 21 steps to get to The Overlook’s front door from the Sno-cat.
  • Danny’s toy cars and trucks are in several scenes and a total of 21 are seen in The Overlook.
  • There are 21 full footprints in the snow as Danny fools Jack in the maze.
  • The date at the end of the movie is 1921.
  • 21 double letters in the cast’s names.
Jack To(rr)ance
Wendy To(rr)ance
She(ll)ey Duva(ll)
Da(nn)y (Ll)oyd
Ba(rr)y Nelson
A(nn)e Jackson
Bi(ll)ie Gibson
Ba(rr)y De(nn)en
Ma(nn)ing Redw(oo)d
Robin Pa(pp)as
Burne(ll) Tucker
  • Even though we see more, we hear 21 footsteps before Danny climbs into the metal storage bin as he hides from Jack.
  • As he speaks to Tony after seeing the vision of the Grady girls we see Danny move his finger 21 times.
  • There are 21 cars parked in the row closest to the audience in the shot of The Overlook after the Torrances' arrive.


  • When she first spots it, we hear Wendy thumb through 24 pages of Jack’s novel in the box.
  • There are 12 steps (6 on the left and 6 on the right) before the first level and a total of 24 to the top of the staircase where Wendy clobbers Jack (the level is the first step to the top).
  • Jack asks Wendy 24 questions before she clocks him with the bat.
  • There are 2 versions of this film. One is 24 minutes longer than the other.
  • The newscaster on the kitchen TV reports about a 24-year-old Aspen woman who has been missing 10 days.
  • The clip we see in the “Summer of 42” is :24 minutes into that movie.
  • In the beginning Danny has 24 stickers on his bedroom door.
  • Wendy pulls on the storeroom door latch, 24 times.
  • There are 2 sets of 24 photos behind Danny’s head in the play room.
  • The numbers of the date 7/4/1921 from “Overlook Hotel July 4th Ball 1921” at the end of the movie added together equals 24.
  • Jack sees 24 balloons as he walks to the party.
  • Before Dick Hallorann yells, “Hello” Jack limps with his lame left leg 24 times as he walks up to the lobby.
  • There are 24 windowpanes on the door to The Gold Room and on Mr. Ullman’s office window.
  • There are 24 pictures on the wall behind Danny, and 2 darts in his hand when he spots the 2 girls as he plays.
  • Dick Hallorann taps out 2-4 with his fingers after he calls the forest rangers.
  • We hear Dick Hallorann’s 24 footsteps as he walks in from the Sno-cat. 21 up to the door.


  • Danny wears the number 42 on his T-shirt in their bathroom.
  • There are 42 vehicles in the upper parking lot before Jack’s interview.
  • Wendy swings the bat 42 times.
  • Tony says Redrum 42 times (the last 9 times Danny’s voice changes back).
  • 2 times 3 times 7 equals 42.
  • Wendy and Danny watch the “Summer of 42.
  • There are two versions of the film. One is 24 minutes shorter than the other.
  • As she walks threw The Colorado Lounge with the bat, Wendy steps on the wood floor 42 times and says Jack’s name 2 times.
  • During Mr. Ullman’s tour, 42 windows can be seen on The Overlook before he shows them the Sno-cat.


  • The bloody elevators are always stopped on floor 1 and 2 and the other elevators are always stopped on floor 1 and 4.
  • Jack is locked up in storeroom C-1.
  • Jack swings the ax 1 time to kill Dick Hallorann.
  • KDK1 calling KDK12”.
  • Mr. Ullman’s office is the “1st door on the left”.
  • 1 cast member is murdered, 1 goes crazy dies and disappears, and it all happens in 1 place.

  • 13 is used several times.
  • The height of the hedge maze is 13 feet.
  • The total number of times we see the inside or outside of Jack’s Volkswagen is 13.
  • We hear a dog bark at their apartment in the beginning of the movie 13 times.
  • KDK12 calling KDK1” equal 13.
  • Overlook Hotel is 13 letters.

  • 11 (twin ones and a mirror image of itself) is very important, as you will see later.
  • “Come play with us Danny, for ever, and ever, and ever” is 11 words. In the book the same line has only nine words.
  • The film starts at 00:11 seconds, just after the Warner Bros. logo.
  • Danny wears an Apollo 11 sweater as he plays in the hallway and we see him take 11 steps toward room 237.
  • The numbers of the call letters of The Overlook KDK 12, are 11 – 4 – 11.
  • Jack “Shines” room 237 to at precisely 1 hour 11 minutes into the movie.
  • Jack Daniel’s has 11 letters in it.
  • As Wendy speaks to Tony in their kitchen we see Danny move his finger 11 times.

  • 2 identical girls 2 years apart in age, 2 identical elevators, 2 identical boilers, and 2 identical halves to the hedge maze in Jack’s vision of it (4 sets of twins).
  • There are 2 mazes in the movie. The hedge maze and the mathematical one created by Stanley Kubrick.
  • There are 2 hotels in the movie where the novel has only one.
  • The Grady girl's ages are changed from the novel. Each has 2 years added in the movie.
  • 2 women are in the bathroom of room 237 where the novel has only one.
  • Everything we actually see on a TV set is shown 2 times, 2 cartoons, 2 movies, and 2 news casts.
  • Jack has 2 bright yellow possessions and breaks down 2 yellow doors (1 panel on the first one and 2 panels on second).
  • The word “Shining” is mentioned 2 times throughout the movie.
  • Danny has 2 visions of the Redrum door.
  • From the number of room 237, 7 minus 3 minus 2 equals 2.
  • Wendy tries to reach the rangers on the radio, “KDK12 calling KDK1” is repeated 2 times and said 2 times.
  • Wendy tries to reach the forest rangers 2 times.
  • Jack says, “How do you like it?” 2 times and the line “For ever and ever” is repeated 2 times.
  • Wendy hits Jack with the bat 2 times.
  • There are 2 doors in the entrance of room 237, the other rooms have 1.
  • Danny goes up to room 237 2 times and we see him drive his trike 2 times, and we see him playing with his toys 2 times.
  • Redrum is written on the door 2 separate times (look at the number of strokes in the lipstick on the door – 10 the 1st time as we see in both of his visions, and 14 strokes when we actually watch Danny write it, for a total of 24 strokes). When looking at a flat surface, even it’s filmed at a different angle, a straight line doesn’t become curved and a curved line does not become straight (look at the D and the middle R).
  • Indians are mentioned 2 times, 2 tribes are noted, and the same Indian is seen 2 times moved to 2 different places.
  • Jack destroys 2 doors.
  • Grady “put both barrels of a shotgun in his mouth”.
  • 2 scenes are filmed in the maze and 2 in the storeroom, and Jack’s interview is split into 2 separate scenes.
  • It took 2 years to build the hotel.
  • Throughout the movie, the paper Jack’s novel is typed on is 2 different colors, and seen in 2 different boxes on his desk with 2 different colored typewriters sitting next to it.
  • In their apartment, we see Danny’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room 2 times each.
  • Jack thinks he has two $20 bills and two $10 bills in his pocket.
  • Jack sabotages 2 items.
  • 2 fictitious towns are mentioned - Sidewinder Colorado and Stovington Vermont.
  • Dick Hallorann calls the forest rangers 2 times and makes a total of 4 phone calls.
  • Only 2 entrances or exits to The Overlook are actually used in the movie.
  • There are 2 Gold Room signs, the 2 different stands they’re on switch places throughout the movie, and 2 artists appear on it.
  • We see Wendy reading 2 novels – “The Catcher in the Rye” and “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.
  • Dick Hallorann “shines “ 2 times.
  • Dick Hallorann shows Danny and Wendy 2 storerooms.
  • Wendy has to hit the Sno-cat ignition 2 times as they leave.
  • There are 2 Sno-cats used in the movie and only 2 people leave The Overlook at the end.
  • There are 2 different hedge maze entrances, and although we’re led to believe that there’s one entrance Danny "Shines" in the end of the movie and moves it closer to him.
  • Dick Hallorann says Danny's nickname "Doc" 2 times as he "Shines" during the tour of the storeroom.
  • Jack is frozen 2 times in the movie, once in The Hedge Maze while chasing Danny and secondly in the picture on the wall in the last shot।
  • Each time a black frame is used to indicate the day of the week they are 2 days apart; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.
  • The phone rings 2 times when Dick Hallorann calls the forest rangers.


  • There are 4 representations of the Hedge Maze, and all are different (the map, the miniature, Jack’s vision of it, and the actual maze).
  • In the last shot, Jack holds up 4 fingers of his right hand in the picture....
  • 4 shots are filmed in the reflection of a mirror.
  • The Overlook has 4 floors, 4 Presidents stayed there, and 4 designs are on the lobby floor as you walk in.
  • A hand sized ball is seen 4 times throughout the entire movie.
  • Danny has 4 visions of the little girls.
  • We see the inside of Mr. Ullman’s office 4 times and there are 4 pictures of Mt Hood at its entrance and 2 light switches on the right that appear later in the movie.
  • There are 4 main characters and we see them eating 4 times and drinking 2 times, throughout the movie.
  • Dick Hallorann makes 4 phone calls.
  • There’s rampant speculation about these, but 4 things have 2 different explanations in the movie, Grady’s 2 names (Mr. Ullman speaks of Charles Grady, and Jack meets Delbert Grady), 2 different lengths of time when Jack stopped drinking since hurting Danny (Wendy says “5 months” and he says “3 … years ago”), Grady’s daughters (Mr. Ullman speaks of Charles Grady’s daughters of 8 and 10 yet in Danny’s visions we clearly see non identical twins and Jack tells Delbert Grady he saw his picture in the newspapers and “You chopped your wife and daughter up into little bits”), and the time The Overlook is closed for the winter (Jack expects “5 months of peace” yet Mr. Ullman clearly says it’s closed for 6 1/2 months).
  • There are 4 visions of the bloody elevators (Danny 3 times and Wendy 1 time).
  • Jack flips 4 light switches in The Gold Room and there are 4 mirrors in its hallway entrance.
  • There are 4 weapons used in the movie, a bat, a knife, an ax, and Danny’s wits.
  • Twice, Grady knocks 4 times on the storeroom door to wake Jack.
  • Tony speaks 4 times thought the movie.
  • The first time we see Jack’s typewriter 4 pencils are neatly placed next to it on the desk.
  • The 4 TV sets in proximity to people who “Shine” are seen on at different times and none of them have any visible wires coming from them.
  • Wendy yells Jack’s name 4 times as she runs to him during his nightmare.
  • 4 years are mentioned in the movie - 1907, 1909, 1970, and 1968 (the lower is 2 years away from the higher).
  • 4 dates are mentioned in the movie - 5/1, 5/15, 7/4, and 10/30.
  • There are 4 steps in the entrance of their apartment.
  • Dick Hallorann says, “Hello, anybody here?” at the end of the movie 4 times.
  • Wendy sees 4 visions, all near the end of the movie.
  • 4 bathrooms are used in scenes.

(20) (is very important as you will see later) and other multiples of 5. (its use may be inspired from the novel, but more has been included).

  • There are 20 people in the close-up in the second to last shot of the movie.
  • Mr. Ullman tells Jack about the “25 mile stretch of road” to Sidewinder and “20 feet of snow in the winter”.
  • Jack talks about “5 months on the wagon” and “5 months of peace” as Mr. Ullman tells him The Overlook is closed between10/30 and 5/15. (10-30=20 and 5+15=20). Their first full day in The Overlook is Halloween.
  • Five days of the week are shown on screen and each is 2 days away from the next.
  • The two girls say “for ever, and ever, and ever” at :50:00 and Jack says the same words at :55:50.
  • Wendy tells Danny she’ll “be back in just about 5 minutes” than drags Jack to the storeroom at 6:55.
  • We hear or see Jack swing the ax 30 times (29 times to bust down the 2 doors and 1 time to kill Dick Hallorann).
  • “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is 10 words.
  • Dick Hallorann watches channel 10 in Miami and they talk about “10 inches of snow” in Colorado.
  • We see Dick Hallorann take 60 steps before he walks into Jack’s ax.
  • There are 30 large spires on the miniature of the hedge maze.
  • When the ranger tries to reach them on the radio, “KDK1 calling KDK12” is repeated twice and said 5 times.


Anonymous said...

People should read this.

Anonymous said...

What does all of this mean?

Unknown said...

you could pick any number and any movie and come up with multiple cases of the number showing up in the movie. this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

i have no clue whats going on in the pic

crilol said...

hey. i have found something too. its regarding the number 42. in the scene where he gets to the empty bar at first and laughs and the bar man apears, when he comes in, you see 6 chairs. but actually, you see 4 on the left, a space where jack nicholson goes and 2 chairs to his right. making it 4 and 2.

crilol said...

also, in the same scene he sais he has two 10$ and 2 20$ so 2 x 1(0) is 2 and 2x2(0) is 4. there for 2 and 4

crilol said...

again... when he gets to the bar full with people. there are three empty chairs. but they are place 2, than a space, and 1. if it wasnt made on purpouse... why would there be a space between the chairs... numbers are everywhere!

Vinny said...

Some of this is interesting, but it's really just ridiculous, especially with the numbers 1 and 2. Anything that happens either once or twice is significant? For example, Wendy hits Jack with the bat 2 times. Ok, so she swings and hits his hand, and then she knocks him out. It's not a subliminal message or an easter egg. Something in the movie happened twice; that's it! And it's even more ridiculous to think that anything happening ONCE is significant!! HOWEVER, I think you may be on to something with the numbers 42 and 24. For example, The Summer of '42, exactly 24 minutes into the film. That can't be a coincidence, and there are other instances that are similar. It is still ridiculous to believe that all of this was intentional though. I could say the number 3 was significant because there are 3 people in the Torrance family, and it took 3 hours for Jack to make the trip to the hotel. I could say 19 is significant because Jack says he won't be home until 9 or 10, and 10+9=19, or I could manipulate the digits in 237 to say that (7x3)-2=19. I could add and subtract numbers and say any number is significant, but it's absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Room 237 = 12 = 3
Room 3 = Torrance room

Karine said...

can you change the colours? my eyes hurt. the black and the green are annoying

roostertree said...

You had me going for a bit there with the 12s, 21s & 24s, although all it meant to me was that Mr Kubrick had some serious OCD. That would explain his reputed excessive number of takes for each scene in each film he made, & actors' objections - the takes were fine, but SK was counting their hand gestures or some crazy shit like that.

If this is troubling you to any great extent, I'd look at his other films (especially those later in his life) for similar instances. Mental problems like OCD tend to get worse, & go hand-in-hand with reclusiveness/paranoia & other so-called *dis*abilities.

I don't think his obsession was with 12, 21 or 24, though. All 3 of those numbers are divisible by 3, with 12 & 24 also being divisible by 2 (among others). Is there perhaps a pattern to the actions/dialogues that are divisible by either 3 or 2, & is there some common difference between the 3s & the 2s? And does that then give the 1s any special significance... to Kubrick?

Yes, I felt a real need to qualify it as significance to the filmmaker specifically, because it has little to do with the film. IMO, it's more significant that The Overlook closes on Devil's Night, & the discrepancy between Jack's "5 months" & Ullman's "6 1/2 months" could indicate that Jack instinctively knows he'll only be bothered by his family for a few short weeks.

Questions: Why haven't you analyzed the number of typing patterns in Jack's novel (the formatting is very stylized)?

Why haven't you calculated the actual number of days The Overlook is scheduled to be closed or the number of days between closing & Jack's death/Wendy & Danny's escape?

Seeing as you lose me & a few others when you start describing further numbers like 11 & multiples of 5: WHY WHY WHY haven't you looked into the Numerological meaning behind the numbers represented in various scenes? If Kubie wasn't the total *OCD basketcase genius* I think he was, perhaps HE believed in Numerology & therefore constructed his scripts accordingly?

That last query makes the most sense to me, & would add real meaning to the numbers in the eyes of the filmmaker. I personally don't care enough to look into it And you'd have to look at his other films, too - a life's work. Hey - you could write a book on it, maybe called Kubrick: Numerology & OCD.

Anonymous said...

Oh man this is the height of ridiculing some1's work ...And u thought ppl wud be mesmerised by ur stupid theory on why kubrick wanted ppl to see those nos..Cmon dude ppl know a master wen they see1...We all know kubrick is a master...THIS IS INDEED UTTER BULLSHIT..Thank you fr wasting my time...btw have u heard abt six degrees of separation..

Anonymous said...

You have entirely too much time on your hands. Just think of what great things you could contribute to society if you applied this sort of dedication to something important.

Anonymous said...

Andrew is right. You could pick any number of any movie and come up with the same thing you're doing to TS. I think you're trying to convince yourself more than anyone else of the eclectic nature of this movie. Sorry, although you bring up some very interesting anomalies, I'm not buying into everything you're selling.

Anonymous said...

Ray Noble Band has 12 letters

Anonymous said...

Seek help you fucking nut, has 21 letters.

Anonymous said...

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I have looked at the specific frames that occur during the shone audio events and there are drawings and letters hidden on the walls that become visable when the saturation for the 2 colors (Red Yellow are increased. I did a lot of work on the shone cue that happens in the Gold room. There are only 2 colors in this shot Red Yellow which is very odd with color film. The famous carpet is a 2d representation of 3 differently shaded 3d cubes nested within each other. Orange is a combination of Red and Blue. I have seen little drawings on the walls when red and yellow are adjusted in photoshop.
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