Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pictures II

The desk organizer disappears.

Jack’s OJ gets lower and the milk disappears.

The moving olives are not touched between shots.

There is no frozen breath in the cold areas.

More of the door is chopped out between shots.

The Gold Room light switches disappear throughout the movie.

Lloyd’s bowtie and collar change throughout the scene without being touched.

The cigarettes on the nightstand disappear between shots.

The lamppost disappears and the tree changes throughout the movie.

The lamp on left just disappears.

Jack's collar and hair change continually.

He was just dragged across the floor but Jack's pants are now clean.

Jack's desk moves forward and back again throughout the movie.

Jack throws the paper on the desk but it ends up on the floor a few seconds later.

Jack moves to the left of the center of the bar between shots.

Jack swings so hard that the chairs on the right move forward about six inches between shots.

The ice cubes fall into his drink, than back out again as the scene progresses.

The Gold Room phone changes throughout the movie.

The Gold Room chairs move as Jack approaches and back again when Wendy comes in.

Floodlights appear, disappear and other outdoor lights turn on and off throughout the movie.

The Hedge Maze map moves in a spooky way every time we see it.

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