Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pictures II

The desk organizer disappears.

Jack’s OJ gets lower and the milk disappears.

The moving olives are not touched between shots.

There is no frozen breath in the cold areas.

More of the door is chopped out between shots.

The Gold Room light switches disappear throughout the movie.

Lloyd’s bowtie and collar change throughout the scene without being touched.

The cigarettes on the nightstand disappear between shots.

The lamppost disappears and the tree changes throughout the movie.

The lamp on left just disappears.

Jack's collar and hair change continually.

He was just dragged across the floor but Jack's pants are now clean.

Jack's desk moves forward and back again throughout the movie.

Jack throws the paper on the desk but it ends up on the floor a few seconds later.

Jack moves to the left of the center of the bar between shots.

Jack swings so hard that the chairs on the right move forward about six inches between shots.

The ice cubes fall into his drink, than back out again as the scene progresses.

The Gold Room phone changes throughout the movie.

The Gold Room chairs move as Jack approaches and back again when Wendy comes in.

Floodlights appear, disappear and other outdoor lights turn on and off throughout the movie.

The Hedge Maze map moves in a spooky way every time we see it.

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David Gardner said...

post more images! This is the coolest blog I have ever seen

Valerio Sbravatti said...

"Who shut all the lights? This happens continuously in the end."

Consider that every time a ghost appears the lights are on (except for the skeletons; interestingly, Kubrick removed this scene from the international version of the film).
There is light when the twins are on screen, there is light behind Lloyd, behind Grady, over the injured guest, in the room where the two guys are having sex, when blood comes out the elevator. So I think what should be noticed is that in the end of the film the lights turn on when a ghost appears, even if they were turned off before. Another interesting fact is that Halloran is killed under the only turned-on light in the lobby. In the whole movie Kubrick associates light with Evil: usually in horror films light is associated with Good. This is one of the reasons why "The Shining" is a non-conventional horror film.

Jonny53 said...

Good Point.

Anonymous said...

i think that you're reading too much into this film ...

Anonymous said...

I have noticed you have made some mistakes.
One, the Eagle in Mr Ullmans office doesnt disapear in two shots.
On the shot were is "supposedly" dispears keep watching near the end of that scene and he moves his head and you can see the eagles wing. So its just behind his head.
The tie changed on Mr Ullaman because it was two different days.
One was INterview day and then the other day was closing day so thats why he had different ones.It called being smart and not wearing the same clothes!
I have also noticed some mistakes too.
On Dannys tricycle scene were he sees the twins his hands change between shots in a split second.
When the camera is directl behind him his hands or on the handle bars.then when the camera is infront of him his hands are not on the bars but are kinda straight down.
On the scene where wendy shouts at jack accusing him for injuring danny in room 237 jacks hair changes in two shots and this thing on the wall slightly moves.
Again on the trike scene of danny and the twins when the camera is infront of him his collar is under his red jacket then a few seconds later nearer the end of the scene it is on top of it.
When danny is riding past Room 237 he stops not infront of it but past it.Then when the camera view changes to underneith danny he has moved closer.
I don't know about this one but Danny has 3 visions of the twins close up NOT including the gameroom. In the bathroom,room 237 and the hallway. IN all the visions they seem to change hair,the ribbon round them and gennerally look different.
When Wendy tries to escape the bathroom window she gets a bit of snow on the end of her gown. Then wendy jack hacks the door and she cries behind it the snow has gone.
After jack has Advocate spilled on him by grady it is on his back. You can see this when he knocks the front door of the room down (not the bathroom). But when it shows him walking in it has disapeared. Also Wendys fringe is always differents lenghts throughout the film
I got loads more but i would be here forever and ever and ever! LOL :)
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Anonymous said...

I suspect that you are mistaken about some of the color changes. I don't know how much you know about filmmaking, so forgive me if I over-explain. Light levels change throughout the day, so during post production in every film they have to do color correction. This essentially ensures that the brightness seems the same throughout. One of the side effects is that it can alter some colors more than others. You'll notice this even in today's television shows when it seems that some of the characters have impossibly blue eyes.

Take for instance your two successive bedroom images as your "proof." If you look carefully at the bed, they appear to be different colors, but they are not, they are the same bed, the same color, but are lit differently. If you take photoshop, or some other photo editing software, and play with the hues and bright levels until the two beds appear the same color, you'll notice that the wall suddenly appears the same color too. The problem is, now the brightness is off, and shifts in light level are jarring while watching a movie, hence color correction.

Wikipedia has a nice entry on it. See "Color grading."

Anonymous said...

Regarding the post above me: these points do not factor into this scene (or even this movie). All of the interior shots were filmed indoors with no natural light whatsoever. In the bedroom in particular: when Danny exits the bathroom window, you cannot see the end of the building to the left, and several yards/metres are visible. From inside the apartment you can see the windows that would be letting in light are on wall to your right if you are facing the bathroom. There are only a few arm lengths away. The point is, this room is not on the corner of a building. I think we can safely assume those windows are being lit by spotlights and, unless SK ordered the lights to be changed between takes to provide a different effect (would not surprise me ;-) the light would be consistent between takes and the bed would remain the same color.

There are a few true outdoor shots, but for the shots of the front of the Timberline, only one take appears in each so there is nothing to compare it to. The hedgemaze exterior and snowball fight scenes are similar, only one take is shown. The interior maze shots... Who knows? There's not a lot to work with there because of the colors involved.
I wouldn't be surprised if the sun doesn't appear to go up and down and then up again in the sky for the helicopter shots of the VW. That was shot over a period of time by proxy.

That leaves only Ullman's tour of the back of the hotel. More than one take but all were shot during the golden hour/dusk so they *should* look very similar.