Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Numbers

Some have commented that I didn’t include any other numbers that don’t fit in with the specific numbers I feel SK wants us to notice in the movie. I never thought of this because the four numbers 12, 21, 24, 42, are so obvious. Why should I look for any other numbers other than what he’s pointing me to? They’re meaningless, don’t prove or disprove anything and are a waist of time. If he wasn’t trying to hide this all the numbers would be 12, 21, 24, 42, etc. and if he didn’t do what I believe he did, hardly any would be.

Surprisingly hardly anything I investigated while looking for the obvious numbers didn’t fit into what I’ve already written about. But there were a few. I couldn’t read their license plate number, the opening shot of The Overlook turned out to be :16 seconds long not :12, I could have bet my life that the western Wendy is watching when Jack calls her from the interview was “High Noon” but it wasn’t, and the amount of times they call Danny Doc didn’t pan out. But that’s about it.

Now I’ve put a place for you to post any numerical evidence you find that you feel either proves or disproves what I’ve written. Put it here so everyone can see it but please only include major items, not how many times Jack says “I” or how many ants are crawling on their kitchen table, etc. And, good luck.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed while Jack was locked in the kitchen pantry that a box called ''Golden Rey'' stands out while he is talking to grady. On the upper left corner there are some numbers: 25764 which equal 24 or switch it around and you have 42 (those prominent numbers SK clues in throughout the film). I dont know if this observation has been noticed but I have a few more also. At the very end when we are seeing the ballroom picture I counted 21 pictures hanging, the 4 in july 4th from the date on the picture, the year ''1921''(add that together and its 13) and how many fingers jack is holding up in the picture, which is 4. Add 21+13+4+4= 42 or switch it and its 24. Adding 21+ 13 gives you 34+4and 4 gives you 8 which totals 42. Lastly what I noticed , (and my counting may be off so this may not even work) was the number of swings jack takes with the axe to break down the down to the added swings to break down the bathroom door. Both doors with how many times he swung was 48 altogether. (from what I counted)and 4+8=12 that magic number popping up again. Once again I dont know if this instantces where noted but I took a shot anyways. I could be wrong about the axe swing but thats what my counting came too.

Jonny53 said...

The 'Golden Rey' box is great, I saw it but didn’t think I should include it, my bad. I'd like to put this in the blog and give you credit, what's your name? The number of times anyone does some action in the film was done on purpose. I never thought of looking at the swings the way you did. This is really really great and adds a whole new dimension to magic numbers. Yikes! Keep on finding stuff you are a first class detective.

Anonymous said...

Just after the "Closing day' title card (while Jack waits for Ullman's tour) he's seen reading PLAYGIRL magazine...Scroll down near the end of the page to view the cover of the mag and the articles inside.


Anonymous said...

Just noticed something that I don't think is mentioned in your blog, thought I'd share.

Of course, at the beginning of the film we're following a yellow VW bug, the family vehicle.

During the "Halloran flying in" sequence (1:39 by my DVD counter):
In the storm he passes a bunch of red flares then a semi truck that's smashed a little car.
The camera pans over to get a good look at the car, and it's a RED VW bug.
The red VW bug is certainly not just some random vehicle.
Does the truck signify the Overlook smashing the family?
Does the now red VW illustrate that the family's destruction is at hand?
Who can be sure, but it sure isn't random, thought it was worth mentioning.


Jonny53 said...

Excellent observation. I did notice the red VW bug but as of this time I don’t know exactly where to put it in the blog (I’m hoping to find something else about it as I’m still finding things, just discovered only 3 weeks ago the proof of the Mayan date in the movie). At first I looked for another VW, then there would be a total of 4 (yellow, white, red and ????). This would be simple but I still haven’t found it, even in Danny’s toys.

You are right though I’m sure it means something. The only red VW in this whole story is what brought the Torrances to The Overlook in the novel, and I hate to say this is probably the way I’m leaning as to why he’s used it in such an odd way. I know very little about Stanley Kubrick’s personality but can you just imagine being Steven King watching this movie in a theater with no way to escape and seeing everything from your prized story reversed, inverted and turned around in the most brilliant fashion, than coming upon this scene and seeing a smashed red VW bug on the way to The Overlook? Real nasty; who knows, but this may be another side of SK’s nature rearing its ugly head. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Something has always bothered me since I first saw The Shinning when it opened in theaters: On the fly in toward the Overlook hotel, the aerial shot flies over the overlook, and there's no hedgemaze, and the shot does not clearly match the set built in England. Why did the meticulous Kubrick let such a sloppy continuity gaffe in the opening minutes of his picture occur? Its been bugging me for years.

Jonny53 said...

Because there are 2 Overlooks, 2 typewriters, 2 girls, 2 tryks, 2 Gradys, 2 identical elevators, 2 identical boilers, 2 identical halves to the hedge maze, 2 women are in the bathroom of room 237, Jack has 2 bright yellow possessions, Redrum is written on the door 2 separate times, etc.

Thunderfoot said...

I just counted for the fun of it, in one of your pictures with balloons there are 21 of them with the 21st ONE being flat smack in the middle of the shot. Also, in the same pic or shot there are 42 lights in fixtures in the ceiling of the hall with 2 prominently in the middle of the first fixture, One down two top = 1 ,2, 21 , 42.

Thunderfoot said...

Additionally, there are two toilets and two sinks in the bathroom shot with one tub.

Jessica said...

I'm really enjoying this post and thought I'd just mention the simplicity in the hotel name itself. Let's not overlook anything.

Anonymous said...

rm 237

multiplied =

2x3x7 = 42!

how'd you miss that?

Anonymous said...

"High Noon" actually is a reference to the number 12, noon=12:00

Anonymous said...

You numerology idiots should really take a gander at shiningmovie.com. For example, it's 23 steps (not 24), not even close on the road runner bit, Danny says red rum 43 times, etc. Oh, and it's BILL Watson listed in the credits there, Einstein.

But these things don't fit the moronic numbers theory, and are conventiently miscounted by the rocket scientist who put this blog together.

The Shining is so far above your heads it's sad. So many insightful analyses of this masterpiece, and you've got a real farce here.

Are you Andy Kaufman?

Jonny53 said...

How nice; a complete looser has wondered in here. You should have checked before making an ass out of yourself; it's just Watson listed in the credits there. Maybe you should go play in the traffic with the other idiots, Einstein.

karen said...

there are many intrigueing clues that suggest the hidden message in The Shining has to do with Kubrick's involvment in the faking of the Apollo 11 moon landing while filming 2001. The room number changed from 217 to 237 to reflect the average 237 thousand miles to the moon. In that room, nothing is real. Danny has Apollo 11 on his sweater in key scenes. The overlook represents the America ( built on an Indian graveyard ) with whom Kubrick made a deal and the governement - through pleasure bribes of alcohol from Lloyd to the threats to his family as expressed by Grady in the bathroom, Kubrick starts to loose it. " All work ..." here A11 is A eleven - the code name for Apollo 11. This wasn't in the book so this is Kubrick's message. There are so many this is too short a space to elaborate.

Blake said...

I noticed that you kept on saying everything was being doubled. I was watching the part where Jack yells "Here's Johnny." He only knocks out 1 panel, but when they hear the Snow-Cat, there's 2 knocked out.

moret said...

my computer says I've finished reading your post exactly at 12:24


Anonymous said...

I counted 12 crosses (the repeating pattern of the wood) below the 21 pictures.

Graham Elliot said...

When jack and Grady are talking in the red bathroom and Jack is telling him about how he murdered his family, I noticed there were 11 lights on the ceiling (10 plus one reflection in a mirror on the left).

Jonny53 said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Danny turns the door knob of room 237 twice

Anonymous said...

There are 42 letters and spaces in "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

Anonymous said...

When you see Halloran on the plane, he asks the flight attendant what time they would arrive and she tells him they would arrive at 8:20. 20-8= 12!

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Couldn't the Apollo sweater numeral actually be II, not 11. Weren't those missions typically referred to in Roman numerals?

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

(I know there was no actual Apollo 2 ship, but that makes it more fun.)

Anonymous said...

Final shot of the film: There are 2 physical candles on the wall and 1 candle shadow. (The second candle obscures the first shadow) = 21. the candles make a 21 above and the pictures are the 21 below.

As above, So below = 42.

Anonymous said...

Great website and analysis. After reading this and watching the film last night, I noticed during the scene when Danny first sees the twins in the games room, there is a poster behind them with the word "Monarch" on it...possibly an allusion to Monarch Programming, a theme touched upon quite a bit in Eyes Wide Shut.

Anonymous said...

The elevator frame matches the framework of the mirrors in the bar, and these somewhat match the background in the famous picture of the Last Supper.
Basically "II" which is the glyph for the sign of Gemini, aka "the twins".
Also: before NASA's Apollo program, there were the Gemini flights.

thorlief said...

There's only one enigmatic final shot in the film and there are 21 pictures on the wall with a 21 in the date and a :21 in the time code. And as a very astute anonymous poster noted there are 2 candles and 1 shadow visible on the wall. the light came on the left side so the shadow of the first candle hits onto the second candle, thats why a poor eye cant notice

Anonymous said...

the carpet has hexagon patterns and the lamps above Danny look like Saturn with his ring. The hexagon is the sign of Saturn. The northpole of Saturn also shows a mysterious hexagon. There are people who claim that Saturn + moon have influence on our perception of reality.

Anonymous said...

when Danny gets up from the buggy-car he stands exactly below one of those lamps looking like Saturn. He turns his head into the direction of the lamp and looks at it. This look is unmistakably. Saturn has something to do with our perception of reality and the moon plays a huge role.

-- Coffeeaddict --

Anonymous said...

The July 4th, 1921, when written out numerically: 7-4-1921 (or 4-7-1921 for EU people):



In the KDK12 callsign, there are 2 Ks, which is 11th (11 being twins) letter of the alphatbet.

On a semi-related note, since doubling/twins was mentioned, I could never figure out the significance of Watson. Does he exist only to serve as Ullman's double? I've watched/rewatched his scenes several times and all I see is: Watson = detective, he draws attention to Jack reading Playgirl. Watch when he sneaks up behind Jack, he gets a big grin on his face. I had to stop and check out what Jack was reading, otherwise I would have missed it. He is a reversal of Ullman, one is a softy, other seems harsh and impersonable. William Watson has 12 letters in it? Anyone have any idea? My experience has been that if a character appears more than once, they are significant and are there for a specific reason. Have never heard anything reasonable on this topic.

St. D. Denmark said...

Dear you.
Having just finished the core text of your analysis, I must say I find your "exegesis" absolutely fascinating and just as absolutely reasonable and meaningfull. Most certainly close to or maybe even the actual (!) truth of what is obviously a cloaked narrative in Stanley Kubricks vision (oh, Freudian slip there :-D )of "The Shining".
Knowing Stanley Kubricks genius (also comprising great skill in the highly mathematical game of chess), his obsessive attention to detail and love of being a cinematic "trickster" in a wide sense, I've nevertheless been left frowning, pulling my shoulders and pondering after each viewing of this movie.
Until now, that is, as I'm sure you've struck the hidden structure of Kubrick's "Shining" - which is, in fact, THE story, while Dick, the Torrances et al. and The Overlook itself could be seen as timeless archetypes or "pieces" playing it out, as it is played out "forever and ever" on a seemingly labyrinthine chessboard ruled by apparent randomness, but actually governed by eternal rules.
The Human Game, if you will.
I congratulate you for your cinematic codebreaking - and let me stretch it a bit, tongue in cheek.
To my eyes, the number eleven on Danny's Apollo-sweater graphically also resembles the roman numeral II - two - AND pi, that is 3,14, which you passingly mentioned.
Now: 3 - 1 - 4 = The Holy Trinity - Lucifer - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ... ;-)
Not exactly feeling up to taking on the rest of the material in the present moment :-) I don't know whether this has been pointed out before.
But there it is anyway.

Kindest regards


Ps. I also have a commentary on the 1921-photo. I'll place it with the relevant paragraph.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the light looking like Saturn during the Room 237 scene, it is important to know that the rocket used to launch the Apollo crew into space was named the Saturn V.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone pointed this out, but the 7up boxes. There are two instances in the film where there are six stacks of 7up boxes. 6x7=42.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone pointed this out, but the 7up boxes. There are two instances in the film where there are six stacks of 7up boxes. 6x7=42.

Anonymous said...

Look at the shot "Jack Enters the Gold Room" where he is walking down the hall under the chandeliers. There are 6 chandeliers each containing 8 candles.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the 2 candles and one shadow, more than once in the movie the camera is offset perfectly to achieve this effect. Too many angles possible (180) for that to be coincidence. On one level it seems very simple. Except for mirrors, the light casting a shadow is the only thing in the scene that you could use to come up with a novel angle which achieves an effect. I wonder though if there couldn't be a bit more symbolic meaning to it (like the double door knob in the ceiling).

Anonymous said...

Kubrick changed the room from 217 to 237 for a good reason. The hotel that the overlook was based off had a room 217 and the staff there feared that no one would stay in that room if it appeared in the shining. Kubrick as per the hotel staff's request changed the number.

David Bertucci said...

Stewart Ullman has 12 characters in his name, spaced 6 and 6.

Hobus said...

Not sure if anyone has pointed out the obvious yet, but...


The numbers reference pyramidal geometry. See here: http://www.jainmathemagics.com/Editor/assets/web_book1curr_p46_pyrones_100dpi.jpg
(Google "pyramid of ones" for more info)

The repeated usage of these numbers represents the building of a numerical pyramid (Kubrick's obsession with the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye - The Eye in the Pyramid - is well documented). It's also possible that Kubrick is demonstrating a knowledge of Vedic Mathematics.

Look at the cover for the Clockwork Orange soundtrack. Aside from a (not very well) veiled All-Seeing Eye, there are more subtle references to Pyramidal geometry. For example, if one draws a line upwards directly through the centre of Alex's knife - it goes straight through the final letter K in "Clockwork" and the final letter K in "Kubrick" (n.b. this only works with the soundtrack cover, not the movie poster). KxK=11x11=121.

Kubrick was not alone in this - for example, take a look at this poster for Disney's National Treasure: Book of Secrets.
The release date (12/21) is shown directly below the All-Seeing Eye in the Pyramid.

In my opinion none of this is coincidental and this is only a small sample of what I have discovered by studying such posters.

Hobus said...

Forgot to mention - with regards to the Clockwork Orange Soundtrack cover - if one draws a line directly down the centre bisecting the two triangles in the middle and the stylized triangle formed by the A in "Orange", the line goes through the first K in "Kubrick" and the first K in "Clockwork". So there are two K/K's or 11/11's encoded in this cover. Definitely no coincidence.

Anonymous said...

when Jack is threatening Wendy down the staires, when he is saynig "single moment thought" he holds his hand as 666 sign after that when Wendy is going up the stairs there are 9 frames on the wall on the right and 3 on the left, 9+3=12

Anonymous said...

This isnt a coincidence. I call it moon math. Apollo 11 sweater
237,000 miles to the Moon.

2+3+7=12 12 astronats landed on the moon. Apollo 11-17
6 succesfull moon landings
7 Total moon misions Apollo 13 failed to land. (Stanleys Idea to boost ratings)

2*3*7=42 6*7 is 42
6 out of 7 Apollo missions were succesful.
6 cases of 7up next to 7 cases
2*3+7=13 Apollo 13 the unsucesful mission
2-(3*7)=19 the last planned Apollo mission (It was later cancelled)
2*7-3=11 Apollo 11 The first mission
2*7+3=17 the last Apollo mission
7*3= 21 astronauts total Apollo 11-17

24 frames a second 42 reversed
The movie is a palindrome hence all the mirroring. Redrum palindrome etc

12 mirrored 21
24 mirrored 42
42 sweat shirt
Stanley faked the moon landings.
He wanted us to know. There are hidden images in the frames that occur with the shone report audio cues.

Anonymous said...

The scene in the games room when Danny goes to the dart board we briefly see 24 pictures below the colorado flag on the wall. From right to left 3 sets of pictures are doubled in locations 2 first row 7 second row,2 second row 7 third row and 2 second row 3 third row for 2,3,7 This is the only set of pictures like this in the movie. Also the dart board has 21 possibilities 1-20 plus the bulls eye. There are 2 colors red green for 21*2=42. A dart board is mirrored horizontally much like the opening shots of the mountain and the picture above jacks bed. As you have pointed out pretty much the entire movie is mirrored. The dart board is not aranged in any mathematic sequence but is is mirrored. With these clues one can see a pseudo random sequence of numbers can be generated. The numbers 2,3,7 appear on the bottom of the dart board much like the missing wedge seen in the Colorado flag and also in the background and the Afro haircuts of the pictures of the women in Hallorans mirrored bedroom (1/2 way point in the movie) and like the carpet in room 237. We are being spoon fed clues on how to reassemble the palindrome one pair of images at a time.
We see colors Times Numerical clues audio clues etc. Its also interesting to note the 2 types of analglyph 3d glasses come in 2 color types Red/Blue or Purple/Green. The carpet in rm 237 is purple green the cast wears blue red thru much of the movie. Could he have created a hidden movie in a movie that is revealed when the correct pair of frames are combined (doubled/mirrored) and viewed with 3d glasses? Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Go to the shone audio event that occurs in begining of the movie in the scene with all the cast in the gold room (closing day)
Danny comes back from "bombing the universe" with Ullmans secretary. Capture the frames during the audio cue. Look for the frame that has a momentary white dot on the carpeting. Import this image into photo shop and increase the saturation and mirror the hues of red and yellow individualy. Once you have done this select the master hue tab and adjust all the colors simultaneously. As you roll thru images will appear in the scenes bacground walls. You can see pictures of astronauts and a dog looking at his tail with the words WAG under him on the far walls. You will also see a large Mr PR as well. It is beyond strange that these scenes only contain 2 colors. Red and Yellow. 70MM Color film doesnt produce pictures with just 2 colors in them naturally. These happen to be the 2 colors used over and over in the first half of the movie. Take your time adjusting the hues look at the carpet while adjusting and look for the numbers 24 on the carpet you are getting close when you see them. This is going to blow your mind.
Shine on you crazy diamond. I have done this to other frames but this one is the easiest to see. Clearly this was done intentionaly and the images fit with the Apollo hoax
theme. Ie wag the dog pic, Mr PR, 3M (Scotchlight screen)
hand drawn Astronaut pictures a Masonic sash and horns appear on Bill Watsons chest and head. This is the tip of the Kubrickian iceberg. If this is contained in one frame what is in the entire movie? Sometimes when something happens it leaves a trace of itself behind. I think a lot of things happened right here and not all of them were good. PS The Timberline lodge was and is a high level NASA meeting place. Used when they want complete privacy this was discovered in 2007 when their itinerary was leaked to the press. Coincidence you decide.

Dave Rerrab said...

Did you notice when you apply 237 to the writing



Apollo Landmark walk sadly is a joke by UNC

Uncle Sam!

Dave B

Anonymous said...

216 Minutes*60 sec a min* 24 FPS
=311040 Frames. A Platonic Great Year is 311040 years preseccion thru all 12 signs of the zodiac.
25920 Years for precession thru 1 sign of the Zodiac or 30 degrees. 30*12=360 degrees.
This is the math of our universe. This can not be accidental. 2160 Diameter of the moon. These are a Gematria numbers. Its a clue on how to decode the hidden movie contained in the colors.

Anonymous said...

The Red VW was the original color of the car in the book. The wrecked VW is a message to Steven King that his "vehicle" has been crushed and esentialy rewritten so he could hide in the fact he faked all the Apollo Moon landings. Apollo's Golden Reys, Tang, The Apollo 11 Sweater, Ullman looks Like JFK.
October 31st the first day at the Overlook. Oct 31st is also Michael Collins Birthday. Jack Daniels is a whisky
Michael Collins is a whisky distilled by his family.
JD is a Bourbon
Michael Collins is a malt
MC is a white mans bourbon. Moon Shine-ing. The original manme of the Movie was "The Shine" Arthur C Clark Kubricks roommate was a noted pedophile as are all the NASA masons. .

Anonymous said...

2 men walked on the moon, They traveled in 3 man teams for 7 missions. Apollo 11-17
2+3+7=12 12 men walked on the Moon (They really didnt)
(2*3)/7=6/7 Six out of 7 success ratio. 6*7=42
(2*3)+7=13 the failed mission.
(2*3)-7=1 The only fatal mission.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you mentioned this, but I did note that you mentioned the two times listed on black screens adding to 12...they also add to 24, sine 4pm is 16 in military time. Just a thought.

dano said...

in regards to kings RED BEETLE(Beatle)( john lennon) VW>> check out this link http://lennonmurdertruth.com/
SGT PEPPER album cover mirrored > I O N E I X HE ^ DIE = 119 HE ^ DIE
Lennon dies 12/8/1980 >12+8+19+80=119 911 many references to 911 in the Shining .
111 days left in the year after sept 11=111

Anonymous said...

November 22nd 1963 Release date of Dr Strangelove
November 22nd Anthony Burgess dies 1993 Born Feb 25th 1917Author Clock Work Orange
November 22nd 1963 John F Kennedy Assassinated
November 22nd Aldous Huxley Died (Born July 26th Kubrick’s Birthday, Carl Jung’s birthday July 26th Apollo 15 Launch date July 26th)
November 22nd Billie Jean King Birthday. Arthur Ash Billie Jean King stadium Corona Park, Louis Armstrong Stadium Corona Park Flushing NY. (Armstrong Born on Barrys Birthday)
November 22 Terry Gilliam,s Birthday (Time Bandits Duvall Napoleon Minotaur Joan of Arc Titanic StarWars Huxley Robin Hood Time after Time)
November 22nd Harley Earl The designer of the 1965 Corvette Stingray shown at Corona Park world’s fair. (All the astronauts got custom 427 Stingrays, Danny’s 427 Stingray toy)
November 22nd Rodney Dangerfield Birthday Kubrick’s The Killing. (I don’t get no respect)
November 22nd Oswald Morris Director on Lolita Birthday http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005807/
November 22nd First 3 nodes of Arpanet are connected this literally becomes the Internet. Arthur C Clark talks about this in a NASA film.
November 22nd Robert Vaughn Born Bullit Steve McQueen
November 22nd Scatman Crothers Dies, Born May 23 (Sterling Hayden died May 23 Born March 26th)
July 16th Release date of Eyes Wide Shut 1999
July 16th John F Kennedy Junior dies 1999
July 16th Apollo 11 Launches 1969
July 16th Trinity explosion New Mexico 1945 (Dr Strangelove) Robert Oppenhiemer’s Birthday April 22nd Died Feb 18, Jack Nicolson’s Birthday April 22nd.
July 16th Catcher in the Rye Publish date 1953 JD Salinger
July 16th Alex Colville died 2013 Born August 24th
July 16th Cruiser Indianapolis leaves San Francisco with the Atomic Bombs 1945 (Jaws Steven Spielberg story) Boy they didn’t wait long.
July 16th Mary Todd Lincoln Dies
July 16th Caroline Bassett dies with JFK and her sister
July 16 US Congress established District of Columbia 1790. Apollo 11Columbia CSM landed July 16th, Columbia University Est July7

Anonymous said...

July 7th Corona New Mexico UFO crash date 1947 (The psychopaths get a time machine)
July 7 Pete Conrad Apollo 12 Dies in accident
July 7th Robert Heinlein’s Birthday (NASA Speaker SciFi Author futurist)
July 7th Herman Khan’s Death day (The bomb becomes useless when you have a time machine)
July 7th Napoleon Defeated at Waterloo (The bomb becomes useless when you have a time machine)
July 7th Columbia University Established. (District of Columbia est July 16 Apollo 11 launch date July 16 )
July 7th Arthur Conan Doyle Death day (Bill Watson Sherlock Holmes Watson)
July 7th Anya Kubrick Dies
July 7th Shelly Duvall’s Birthday (She dates Ringo)
July 7th Ringo Stars Birthday
July 7th All the Lincoln conspirators were hung July 7th
July 7th Paul McCartney’s Fathers Birthday
July 7th George Harrison’s Mothers Birthday

July 7th Doc Severenson’s Birthday (Carson was a major investor in the ultimately failed DeLorean Motor Company. Who made the VW Powered Sno Trac)(Johnny got a DWI in his Delorean)
July 7th David Lloyd lifetime show writer Johnny Carson show Birthday

Anonymous said...

Jerome David Salinger Born Jan 1 Died Jan 27th Apollo 1 fire date Jan 27th The only Apollo deaths.
Danny Lloyd Born Jan 1
Singing in the rain Release date Jan 1 1952

Jan 27th
Jan 27th Kubrick’s movie release date “The Killing”
Jan 27th The date of the Apollo 1 fire. Rodger Chaffe Ed White Gus Grissom die)
Jan 27th Jerome David Salinger Died Born Jan 1 (Danny Lloyd Born Jan 1 1977)(The Shining Publish date Jan 1 1977)
Jan 27th Lewis Carol was born (Lewis Carol Died Jan 14th)
April 15 Lincoln is assassinated, , IRS tax day.
April 15 Donner Party leaves Lincoln Missouri
April 15 IRS Tax Day
April 15 Jackie Robinson day #42
April 15 Apollo 13 rounds the moon
April 22nd Jack Nicolson Birthday
April 22nd Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov Author Lolita Birthday Vladimir Died July 2nd
April 22nd 1904 Robert Oppenheimer’s Birthday Died Feb 18th Mr Trinity July 16th 1945
April 22nd Richard Nixon Dies Born Jan 9th 1913
April 22nd 1964 World’s Fair Corona Park Flushing NY opens April 22nd
April 22nd Apollo 16 Duke Young ride around on the moon in the Rover April 22nd 1972 Casper Orion
April 22nd Ingmar Bergman leaves Sweden due to taxation. (B July 14th Died July 30 Apollo 15 splashdown)
April 22nd Insulin discovered 1922
July 26th
July 26th Leon Vitale Birthday (Barry Linden, Eyes Wide-Shut Red Cloak)
July 26th Stanley Kubrick’s Birthday
July 26th Apollo 15 liftoff ,David Scott Galileo Falcon Feather Hammer (David Scott born on June 6 Jung Death date RFK Death date)
July 26th Aldous Huxley’s birthday (Died November 22nd JFK Dies, Dr Strangelove Release date etc)
July 26th Carl Jung’s Birthday Died June 6th Robert Kennedys assassination day June 6th)
July 26th Robert Todd Lincoln died
Oct 31 First day at the overlook. Halloween
Oct 31 Apollo astronaut Theodore Freeman dies in his T-38
Oct 31 Michael Collins Apollo 11 Birthday Columbia Pilot.
Oct 31 Donner Party unable to cross Donner pass makes a camp 1846 Hand Cut Oct 28th
Oct 31 Arthur Conan Doyle Publishes The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Died July 7th)
Oct 31 Federico Fellini dies 1993 (Kubrick mentions it affected him deeply and they filmed all day in memory of Fellini)
August 5th Neil Armstrongs birthday First “MoonWalker” Dies August 25th (Fredrick Nietzsche (Think Thus Spoke Zarathustra) died August 25th)
August 5th Katarina Kubricks Birthday
August 5th First Income tax levied 1961 Incomes over $800.00 taxes 3 percent over $800.
August 5th Standard Oil est NJ 1882
August 5th Marylin Monroe found dead 1962 36yrs old
August 5th Arthur Conan Doyle Weds Louisa Hawkings 1835 (Doyle Born July 7th)
August 5th Alec Guiness (Obie One Kenobi Dies 2000)
August 5th Statue of Liberty project begins
August 5th Beatles Release single Yellow Submarine/ Eleanor Rigby UK and Revolver album US 1966
August 5th Joan Jet forms the Runaways 1974 (Sherrie Currie LC ET)
August 5th Nixon admits he withheld info on the Watergate break-in. 1974
August 5th Neil Armstrongs birthday First “MoonWalker” Dies August 25th (Fredrick Nietzsche (Think Thus Spoke Zarathustra) died August 25th)
August 5th Katarina Kubricks Birthday
August 5th First Income tax levied 1961 Incomes over $800.00 taxes 3 percent over $800.
August 5th Standard Oil est NJ 1882
August 5th Marylin Monroe found dead 1962 36yrs old
August 5th Arthur Conan Doyle Weds Louisa Hawkings 1835 (Doyle Born July 7th)
August 5th Alec Guiness (Obie One Kenobi Dies 2000)
August 5th Statue of Liberty project begins
August 5th Beatles Release single Yellow Submarine/ Eleanor Rigby UK and Revolver album US 1966
August 5th Joan Jet forms the Runaways 1974 (Sherrie Currie LC ET)
August 5th Nixon admits he withheld info on the Watergate break-in. 1974

Anonymous said...

Jungian Date weaving. Read all of Kubrick's interviews for what people and dates you are being pointed too.
Clearly CarlJung Aldous Huxley JD Salinger are clearly indicated.
Lewis Carol a noted Alchemist.
A brave new world.
Salinger was involved in MK-Ultra
Jung Shared Conscious
Huxley's Brave New World.
PS Kier Dulea starred in "A Brave New World" Also the parking attendant in "the Killing" was in the same movie. We are living in the "Brave New World" right now.
The same thing these 3 were involved in. Mind control of the Jungian shared collective. It easier to just think of it as Televison as that is its main tool.

brentminick1 said...

In the boiler room scene with Wendy, there are 3 identical protruding apparatuses to the left of the bulletin board. The first 2 are dark colored and the last one is light colored giving the impression of "21". thanks!

Anonymous said...

Carson City is a movie about a cocky Miner (Kubrick) who does things the way he sees fit his employer doesn't like his experimental methods (NASA). He tunnels thru 1 mountain by simultaneously tunneling thru both sides at once meeting in the middle.
This is another mirroring clue.

lee woo said...

The sun is always shininh. We have oxygen, trees, birds. There's so much good things on Earth, still. We haven't destroyed everything. See the link below for more info.


Anonymous said...

Danny is called "doc" and there are yellow ducks in Danny's bedroom and in their bathtub. Perhaps the name "doc" has a double meaning and it also represents "duck".

Anonymous said...

Maybe what all the twin stuff he was alluding to is having to do with a warning. If the point he was trying to get across to the subconscious mind or a very quick witted conscious mind is that numerology plays a very big part of the occult. If you take 12 and 21 and overlay them you get 33 if you take 24 and 42 and do the same you get 66 . We are being controlled at the top by powers that are evil and the fact that most off his movies allude to that is pretty telling. In the scene with scatman crothers shining to danny about whether or not he wants ice cream look at the calumet with the Indian head on the container. One is turned in such a way as to only be able to read alumet which I believe what he was referencing is the word illumination which is what the shining means. He's try to show that the ones in power that are pulling the strings are not people but spiritual wickedness in high places. In the game room when danny is playing darts and the twins walk in, there's a picture of a skier but it looks like a Minotaur with a bright illuminating light over its shoulder and the twins are the fallen towers. The blood in the elevator scene is the blood of the sacrifice given and the elevators are towers. Jack Nicholson even says I'd sell my soul for a glass of beer and when he opens his eyes he sees the spirit realm and is appearing to be possessed. His last movie was about the rich elite who sacrifice to Satan and that's why he ain't here anymore.

joy said...

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You mispell As and Es, a difference of 4, and TOO/TO, A niatrec # of semit... ... . you may also find Morse edoc in the movie somewhere !!! !!! !
IDK if Kubrick was a Freemason, but he definitely uses a few of our stylings.


237-2x3x7... ... .And on and on &..
Personally, I think the movie is, like a certain sci fi show from the late 60s, a mass initiation tool as well...


Coral Castle anyone? Leedskalnin is callin

Anonymous said...

I love that somebody above has stated that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", is also an anagram of "Apollo landmark walks sadly a joke by unc" (with Unc being a reference to Uncle Same!).

I cannot find anywhere else that has referenced this on the web. Either I am not looking hard enough, or it truly is a gem. Works fantastic with the Kubrick faked moon landings theory.

Anonymous said...

The scene showing the July 4th ball pictures, has two original pictures from 1923. 19+23 = 42
One tracking down the hall. One in the closeup.
The pictures were composited to add Jacks head, and change the date to 1921.
We know why Jack was composited in, but why bother to composite/change the date?...... to 21.
Dun,Dun, duuuuuuun.

Mark Horner said...

The 2 nude black female picts in the miami hotel room both have perfect large circle afros. In religion, thats the halo. He was in his paradise retreat in miami.

Anonymous said...

The panels of the elevator read as 2 - 3 - 7 visually.
First you see the two central black panels.
Then you take in the '3' red panels - but then the eye sees that each door
has 2 panels i.e a standard lift door. So the panels are now 7 across in total.

sarah lee said...

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Rochelle Davis-Hull said...

I'm sure someone has already said this, but the Colorado Lounge changed to the gold room? Colorado means "red" or "reddish" in Spanish and has been changed to the Gold Room. Gold = yellow... A linguistic inversion like the change of the VW Beetle and the snowmobile? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Jack goes to the bar and stands in the gap between 4 chairs on his left and 2 to his right-42. The candles burning behind him are 4 on the left, 2 in the center and 4 on the right-42 from left or right.

jlbalb said...

In the bathroom scene a duck is seen in the bathtub when Danny says jack has the job, after Danny is passed out the duck is now on the window silly, Kubrick is saying look over here, and sure enough when Danny starts talking about Tony to the doctor the goofy doll on the window starts floating on a string like the astronauts did on the moon, when Danny says he doesn't want to talk about Tony anymore goofy doesn't float, also a clowns head inside a plastic bubble dissapears and reappears meaning the astronauts were clowns

Nicholas Watkins said...

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